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One Customer's "Zeal" to Replace a Z Purge System

I thought this short application success story was worth sharing! A major chemical company was looking for an economical solution to purging cabinets that are used in Division 2 hazardous areas. Division 2 locations are areas where hazardous gases are only present under abnormal conditions. The customer has been using a Z Purge System, which not only purges the cabinet but maintains a positive pressure in the cabinet. The positive pressure keeps the hazardous gases from entering the cabinet where a spark could cause an explosion. The economical solution tested by the customer was a model 2510 plastic tube flow meter. The model 2510 variable area flow meter flows a known volume of purge gas into the cabinet which maintains a positive pressure. A flow meter is not the answer for every customer but it worked for this one! Do you have a similar application? Let us know.

About The Author

Jim Dillon
Global Product Manager

Jim is the global product manager for variable area products (rotameters) at Brooks Instrument.

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