It all began in 1946 in Lansdale, when Stephen Brooks opened the doors of the Brooks Rotameter Company. He leased the building for $75 per month, and early employees fondly dubbed it “Siberia”.  It was unheated and mice outnumbered the employees. The building was in such bad shape that it had to be shored up with heavy beams so it would not cave in. Stephen Brooks was a chemical engineer and he started this new company on the strength of his engineering innovation—the side-plate, dowel-pin principle of rotameter construction. This new type of construction so improved the strength and maintenance characteristics of the rotameter that it launched a company that survives and continues to be a success.

Our Employees

"Brooks has always been supportive of my family which has helped me put my kids, now adult kids, on track. I really appreciate that!"

Shirish Patel

35 Years at Brooks Instrument

"Our engineering team and others involved keep Brooks on the cutting edge which is why we're number one!"

Dawn Kramer

25 Years at Brooks Instrument


"It is wonderful to help build some of the components for respirators during the pandemic. We're helping people. We're saving lives!"


Suresh Sitapara

40 Years at Brooks Instrument