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Zero Leak-by Valve

Upgrade your GF1xx to achieve 100x reduction in valve leak-by


In idle mode the volume between the mass flow controller (MFC) control valve and downstream pneumatic isolation valve can become pressurized with process gas due to normal small leakage past the MFC’s control valve when in the closed position.

During the first process setpoint, this volume of unmetered gas can impact the first wafer.

Controlling internal MFC dead-volume after the valve and improving the valve shut-off by >100X virtually eliminates any potential process impact.


Enhanced valve design with superior corrosion resistant sealing surface

Ensures consistent flow during initial setpoint of recipe

Reduces chamber-to-chamber variability and helps reduce process variations

Valve leak-by specifications

Receive one-year full manufacturer’s warranty on your upgraded device.

How to Upgrade:

  1. Log into the Support Portal, and Create an RMA
  2. Select Repair/Upgrade Services
  3. Under Upgrades, select Upgrade to GF1XX with Zero Leak-by Valve