New Brooks Instrument QuickShip Program Provides Immediate Fulfilment for Variable Area Flow Meters


HATFIELD, Pa. (September 5, 2017)Brooks Instrument has introduced a new QuickShip fulfilment program for the company’s most widely used variable area (VA) flow meter products, including Sho-Rate™ 1250/1255 glass tube VA flow meters, 2500 series acrylic tube and 3000 series polycarbonate tube VA flow meters.

The QuickShip fulfilment program offers select glass, acrylic and polycarbonate models available to ship in as little as 24 hours. A user-friendly e-commerce site at enables online ordering.

Initial products offered through the Brooks Instrument QuickShip program include:

Sho-Rate™ 1250/1255 glass VA flow meters: Offering industry-leading repeatability and reliability for a wide range of chemical, petrochemical, biotechnology, research and analytical applications.

Series 2500 acrylic VA flow meters:  A cost-effective solution for non-corrosive and low-pressure applications.

Series 3000 polycarbonate VA flow meters: Ideal for purge applications and integration with industrial instrument panels.

As a pioneer in VA flow meter technology (also called rotameters), Brooks Instrument VA flow meters are installed and used for gas and liquid flow measurement across virtually every industry ranging from chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to oil and gas refining and alternative energy.

“We created the QuickShip fulfilment program because our flow measurement and control technologies are essential in keeping customer operations up and running,” said Jeff Andolaro, business unit leader, VA Flow Meters. “Our customary channels are still available for larger quantities of flow meters and other Brooks products, but smaller orders of our most common VA flow meters can now be shipped immediately.”

Although the QuickShip fulfilment program includes an extensive supply of VA flow meter models and configurations for both gas and liquid, Andolaro said the company is considering expanding the program to include more models and product lines.

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