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Australian Research Institute Deploys Brooks Gas Mixing Solution

We always like to take the opportunity to share our customer success stories. Here's one from the land Down Under where Brooks worked with Measurement Plus Pty. Ltd. to install a new gas mixing system at a research institute in Melbourne. Researchers at the institute were using N2, CO, CO2 and Ar to stabilize a reaction chamber. However, at some point during the process, they wanted the ability to flow in a mixture of these gases. At the time, the institute was using older Brooks thermal mass flow meters inside a self-designed panel. The panel and its components were about 30 years old, rusted and looked like a bird's nest. Because the panels needed to be replaced, it was the perfect opportunity to recommend a new gas mixing system. So we stepped up to the challenge and designed a brand new panel with safety features. The new panel includes a pressure regulator, check valve, filters, selector switch, four Brooks mass flow controllers and 0254 controller. The outlet has five ports, and the fifth port is for mixed gas use. The institute was thrilled with the panel's custom design and the quick turnaround on delivery and installation. In fact, the institute was so pleased with the first installation that they ordered a second panel. Way to go, team! In addition, Measurement Plus was able to approach another research facility with the new panel design, and the second organization ordered the same panel with four Brooks mass flow controllers and the 0254 controller. Another desktop panel was ordered by a third organization, and that system includes two Brooks mass flow controllers. Says Rohit Tiwari, a support engineer with Measurement Plus, "Now whenever I approach a research institute, I show them that Brooks offers the complete gas mixing solution (panel and thermal mass flow controllers). This adds value because the customer can order the system, and we do the rest."
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