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How do I correct my variable area flow meter for a liquid with a different operating density?


You want to get a quick flow check on a different fluid because the process fluid is changing or you might be experimenting with the process, but you don't have a VA (variable area) flow meter that is calibrated for the different fluid.  

Enter the necessary information into the equation below and you'll get the flow rate for the different fluid.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • The meter has to be a size 8 (1/2" nominal size) or larger and of course the flow meter has to be capable of measuring the flow of the different fluid.
  • If the new specific gravity is drastically different, the meter may not be capable of registering a flow rate for the new fluid.
  • If your experiment is successful, I recommend you get a metal tube flow meter so you don't have to calculate the flow rate every time you use the different fluid.

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About The Author

Kostas Sklikas, MBA
Global Product Marketing Manager, Variable Area Industrial

Kostas is the global product manager for industrial variable area flow meters at Brooks Instrument.

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