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Normally Open Control Valve Extends Range of Applications

Recently, we announced the release of the "normally open" valve option on our GF40 mass flow controller. As a refresher, a normally open valve is one that is open until the solenoid actuator is energized to reposition the valve to control the flow rate. Normally open valves are desirable in applications where it is preferable for the valve to remain open when the MFC is not powered. So how do you know when the "normally open" valve option is right for your process? Well, the application is what drives the need. For those of you working with non-hazardous gas applications or processes that need a fully open valve in the event of a process interruption, this option is a perfect fit. Under a fault condition, you want gas to continue flowing. So, for example, if you're running a furnace system and need to continue flushing your tube or chamber, and your facility loses power, the valve would go full open to provide maximum purge gas flow from the system. If your business is in biopharmaceuticals, chemical research, glass manufacturing or petrochemicals, consider the normally open valve option for your process. For more information:

About The Author

Steve Kannengieszer
Director of Marketing

Steve is director of marketing, mass flow products at Brooks Instrument with responsibility for Coriolis, thermal mass flow and pressure products.

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