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Part 2 of 3: Commissioning a Brooks Instrument SLA5800 EtherNet/IP™-enabled MFC Using Rockwell Studio 5000


Now that your EtherNet/IP™-enabled device is connected to and able to communicate with the network, it’s time to add that device to the network. If you missed that post, it’s the best place to start, so revisit it here.

We’re ready to add the SLA module instances connected to the network, but first let’s do a quick check to make sure SLA is recognized and visible. To check this, click the “Select a communication path using RSWho”, and you’ll see if SLA is listed on the network.

Next, with the software in offline mode, right click on Ethernet in Controller Organizer pane. Double click on New Module, search for SLA and click to select. Click Create at the bottom of the box, enter the SLA device IP address and a unique instance name for the module, then click OK. Close out and you’ll see the device instance, which you can double click to open, and view and change device settings, if desired.

You will need to create a new module instance for each SLA device on the network as above. Take a few moments as well to look through the configurations available to you using the Rockwell Software. To view the video below in full screen mode, simply click the YouTube icon after pressing play.

Our last and final technical support video will focus on the final step of commissioning your device to the network, which can be viewed here. As always, contact our Technical Services team for local support wherever you are around the globe.

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