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Risks of Using Third-Party Calibration Providers for Your Brooks Mass Flow Controller: What You Should Know

Brooks Instrument Factory Service

A leading biotechnology company and Brooks Instrument customer noticed some of their bioreactors were experiencing control issues. Knowing mass flow controllers (MFCs) are a critical component in the bioreactor, the process engineer decided to call their Brooks Instrument Account Manager.

Shortly after, the Account Manager arranged for a visit with a Brooks Instrument Field Service Engineer to diagnose the issue. Here is what they learned:

Risk #1: Using a Third-Party Calibration Provider for Their Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) 

During a recent maintenance event, the customer contracted a third-party calibration service provider to calibrate their Brooks Instrument SLA5800 Series MFCs, along with other instrumentation in the bioreactor.

What You Should Know:

The third-party calibration service provider lacked the expertise - metrology standards, work instructions, equipment and custom software - to accurately calibrate the MFCs. Brooks Instrument Field Service Engineers are trained exclusively on servicing our products.

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Risk #2: Using the Incorrect Reference Temperature

The third-party calibration service provider calibrated the MFCs using an incorrect reference temperature, inducing accuracy offsets and zero long-term stability performance issues for the MFCs.

What You Should Know

The Brooks Instrument Field Service Engineer correctly re-calibrated the MFCs using the same reference standards as when the MFCs were originally manufactured. These standards are tightly controlled by a team of metrologists at Brooks Instrument.

Put your Brooks Instrument MFCs in the hands of those who know them best - choose Brooks Instrument Factory Certified Service.

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