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Upgrade Your Capacitance Manometer

Vaccum Capacitance ManometerWhile many of you use Brooks mass flow controllers or variable area flow meters for gas flow measurement and control, you might not know that Brooks also manufactures an exceptional capacitance manometer series for vacuum measurement applications - the XacTorr™ series capacitance manometers. The Brooks XacTorr capacitance manometers provide terrific benefits for low pressure applications:
  • Full scale ranges from 1000 Torr to 100 mTorr
  • Extremely stable and repeatable measurement for pressure sensitive processes
  • Up to 3X longer life in aggressive processes
  • Drop-in replacement for competitive vacuum gauges
  • Unique diagnostic features for preventative maintenance
XacTorr's diagnostic port and software enables you to:
  • Monitor and troubleshoot without interfering with the tool communication system
  • Track remaining zero adjustment range to allow scheduled maintenance, reducing unplanned interruptions
The XacTorr is easier to use with up to 3X longer life and increased stability over other capacitance manometers … why not give XacTorr a try!

About The Author

Steve Kannengieszer
Director of Marketing

Steve is director of marketing, mass flow products at Brooks Instrument with responsibility for Coriolis, thermal mass flow and pressure products.

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