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GF40 Series Elastomer Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

One device. Multiple gases and flows. Maximum flexibility.

Multiple gases in one device equals maximum process flexibility and productivity. The GF40 Series elastomer sealed mass flow controllers and meters with Brooks Instrument’s exclusive MultiFlo™ technology provide the perfect choice for systems, processes and facilities that use a variety of gases, change gas types frequently or need to re-range while preserving gas measurement and control accuracy. It enables a new level of process flexibility combined with unprecedented flow measurement and control performance.


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GF40 Series Data Sheet


  • Programmable multi-gas/multi-range capabilities
  • Brooks® MultiFlo™ gas database contains thousands of native gas runs to establish correction functions
  • Sub-1 second flow response time and accuracy of 1% set point for demanding applications
  • Well suited for a variety of gases
  • Fast response, Hastelloy sensor
  • Easily accessible diagnostic service port is independent of tool communication
  • Multi-protocol communication options include DeviceNet™, EtherCAT®, Profibus® and RS-485 analog interface


    • MultiFlo™ technology enables new gas calibrations and full-scale ranges without removing the MFC from the gas line, maximizing process uptime
    • MultiFlo™ programming is simple and user-friendly; new gas can be selected in under 60 seconds
    • OEMs and large end users can greatly reduce the number of gas and range-specific controllers they inventory
    • Excellent process gas accuracy backed by superior metrology systems and calibration based on global standards
    • Corrosion-resistant sensor provides unmatched long-term stability ensuring maximum yield and throughput
    • User-accessible service port simplifies troubleshooting and diagnostic tasks
    • Variety of elastomer seals provide cost performance flexibility across range of applications
    • Multi-protocol communication interface supports integration into existing systems


    • Solar cell chemical vapor deposition systems
    • Life sciences bioreactors
    • Vacuum processes
    • Nanotechnology/MEMS fabrication
    • Plasma, glass and web coating systems
    • Excellent option for manifold/gas delivery systems

    Product Type
    Mass Flow Controller

    High Accuracy

    MultiFlo™ Capability

    Compact Size

    Suitable for Full Suite of Gases

    Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)
    3 sccm - 50 slpm

    1% of SP 35-100%, 0.35% of FS 2-35%


    0.20% SP


    ±0.5% FS (included in accuracy)

    Response Time

    Normally Closed Valve: 300 ms - <1 sec

    Multi-Gas & Range Configurability
    MultiFlo™ Available
    Control Range




    Number of Bins

    10 Bins

    Valve Shut Down

    Closes valve when set point drops below 1.5% full scale

    Zero Stability
    <±0.5% FS per year
    Pressure Coefficient

    0.03% per psi (0-50psi N2)

    Temperature Range

    5-50oC (41-122oF)

    Max Pressure

    150 psig/10 bar

    Differential Pressure Range

    3-860 sccm = 7-45 psid

    861-7200 sccm = 15-45 psid

    7201-55000 sccm = 25-45 psid

    *Contact Brooks Technical Support for more information.

    Leak Integrity
    1x10-10 atm cc/sec He
    Seal Material
    Elastomer Seal
    Surface Finish
    32µ inch Ra
    Wetted Materials

    316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C-22, 1707 PH,43055

    Valve Options

    Normally Closed

    Normally Open

    Meter (no valve)

    Diagnostic Capability


    Diagnostic / Service Port


    Analog Communication

    0-5 V, 0-10 V
    0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

    Digital Communication


    Electrical Connection
    DeviceNet™: 1 x M12 with threaded coupling nut (B)

    EtherCAT®: 5-pin M8 with threaded coupling nut/2 x RJ45

    Profibus®: 1 x 15-pin Male Sub-D/1 x 9-pin female Sub-D

    RS485: 1 x 15-pin Male Sub-D, (A)
    Power Supply / Consumption
    Analog / RS-485

    From +12 Vdc to +24 Vdc: 7 Watt/8 Watt


    From +11 Vdc to +25 Vdc: 7 Watt/8 Watt

    EtherCAT® / Profibus®

    From +13.5 Vdc to +27 Vdc: 7 Watt/8 Watt

    CE: EN61326: 2006 (FCC Part 15 & Canada IC-subset of CE testing)

    Safety EN61010-1

    Environmental Compliance

    RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU)

    REACH Directive EC 1907/2006

    Filename File Type Documents By Language
    Data Sheet pdf English French German Japanese Spanish
    Installation & Operation Manual pdf English Japanese
    DeviceNet™ Supplemental Manual pdf English
    EtherCAT® Supplemental Manual - GF40/GF80 pdf English
    Profibus® Supplemental Manual pdf English
    RS485 A-Protocol Supplemental Manual pdf English
    RS485 L-Protocol Supplemental Manual pdf English
    RS485 S-Protocol Supplemental Manual pdf English

    Use the following guide (model code information from data sheet) to translate the CAD configurations available below. If you need assistance or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact Applications Engineering or your local Brooks Instrument representative.

    Example: GF040 - N2 - S5

    Meter Series
      XX - 9/16” - 18 UNF
      P5 - Profibus / Analog (Input 0-5 V; Output 0-5 V); 9-Pin Female D conn. / 15-Pin Male D conn.
        T1 - 1/8” tube compression
      P0 - Profibus / Analog (Input 0-20 mA; Output 0-20 mA); 9-Pin Female D conn. / 15-Pin Male D conn.
        T2 - 1/4” tube compression
      P4 - Profibus / Analog (Input 4-20 mA; Output 4-20 mA); 9-Pin Female D conn. / 15-Pin Male D conn.
        T3 - 3/8” tube compression
      E5 - EtherCAT™ / (Output 0-5 V); 2xRJ45 signal 2-Pin power
        T4 - 1/2” tube compression
      D5 - DeviceNet / Analog (Output 0-5 V); 5-Pin mico signal and power / 3-Pin analog signal
        T6 - 6 mm tube compression
      S5 - RS485: (S-Protocol)/Analog (Input 0-5 V; Output 0-5 V)15-Pin Male D (Brooks Protocol)
        T0 - 10 mm tube compression
      S1 - RS485: (S-Protocol)/Analog (Input 0-10 V; Output 0-10 V); 15-Pin Male D (Brooks Protocol)
        R2 - 1/4” RC (BSP)
      S0 - RS485 (S-Protocol)/Analog (Input 0-20 mA ; Output 0-20 mA); 15-Pin Male D (Brooks Protocol)
        VX - 1/4” VCR
      S4 - RS485 (S-Protocol)/Analog (Input 4-20 mA; Output 4-20 mA); 15-Pin Male D (Brooks Protocol)
        O2 - 1/4” VCO
      L5 - RS485 (L-Protocol)/Analog (Input 0-5 V; Output 0-5 V); 15-Pin Male D (Celerity/Legacy Protocol)
        N2 - 1/4” NPT
      L1 - RS485 (L-Protocol)/Analog (Input 0-10 V; Output 0-10 V); 15-Pin Male D (Celerity/Legacy Protocol)


    Access our offering of cables to connect our products to your process.
    0250 Series
    Controls and powers up to 4 devices
    0260 Series
    Controls and monitors up to 30 devices, powers up to 10 devices.
    MultiFlo™ Configurator
    A comprehensive gas database enabling you to configure your MultiFlo™ capable MFC for thousands of gas types and ranges without removing it from the gas line.
    Brooks Expert Support Tool (BEST)
    A Windows™ based application providing expanded control of Brooks Instrument MFCs and Pressure Controllers.
    Brooks LabVIEW™ DLL

    Enables users to set-up communication with Brooks® digital mass flow controllers, pressure controllers and secondary electronics. The DLLs are to be used when creating your own application in LabVIEW™.

    Smart DDE

    Dynamic Data Exchange software allows user to make bi-directional links between Windows® based applications and Brooks Instrument RS485 S-Protocol devices.