Brooks Instrument Licenses DLI Vaporizer Technology to Ceres Technologies

HATFIELD, Pa. (January 14, 2019) Brooks Instrument, a world leader in advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and vapor delivery solutions, has licensed its direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizer technology to Ceres Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Saugerties, NY.

The Brooks Instrument DLI vaporizer incorporates unique atomization and heat exchanger technologies to deliver pure vapor for a wide range of processes, including chemical vapor deposition (CVD), metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD). This unique technology has been applied successfully for more than a decade for precise vaporization of a wide range of liquids and liquid precursors. It overcomes the weaknesses of flash vaporizers, which can include thermal decomposition and incomplete vaporization.

Ceres Technologies is a global manufacturer of ultra-high purity gas, vapor and liquid delivery solutions for the semiconductor, compound semiconductor, fiber optic and solar industries. Ceres’ products include gas cabinets, gas blending systems, valve manifold boxes (VMBs) and vapor delivery systems. Ceres’ bulk/centralized vapor delivery systems, such as its VaporGen products based on patented SMR (self-metering reservoir) flash evaporators, and VaporStation™ products based on patented smart bubbler technology, have been used in fabs for more than a decade.

“Ceres’ extensive fluid delivery experience and their broad range of vaporization solutions will continue to expand the market for Brooks Instrument flow control technology,” said Jarek Pisera, Semiconductor Business Unit Manager at Brooks Instrument. “With their system integration capabilities, Ceres is in the unique position of providing customized turnkey solutions for OEMs as well as end-users.”

The Brooks Instrument Quantim™ Coriolis liquid mass flow controller and GF100 Series gas mass flow controller are provided in conjunction with the DLI vaporizer for precise mass flow measurement with fast-response “vapor on demand.”

“Brooks Instrument products are known worldwide for their precision, quality and reliability,” added Kevin Brady, President of Ceres Technologies. “Ceres has incorporated Brooks Instrument products into many of our present product designs. Licensing their DLI vaporizer technology is a key component as we expand our vapor delivery product line into newer liquid precursors.”