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Generating Nitrogen Equivalent Data for Your Process Gas

If you have a MultiFlo™ enabled device, such as the Brooks Instrument GF100 Series, GF40 Series, GF80 Series and Celerity/Unit brand mass flow controllers, you may need to test the device’s accuracy from time to time. No matter what process gas your device is running, thanks to the MultiFlo™ Configurator, you can confirm that the device is calibrated properly by using Nitrogen (N2) - one of the most commonly measured gases available.

In this short tutorial video, we will show you how to create a Nitrogen (N2) equivalent flow table and conversion factors from a configured process gas page using the Brooks MultiFlo™ Configurator software. Since the GF Series uses flow modeling techniques that specifically correct for the flow bypass patios, there is no single conversion factor, but an entire flow model. The MultiFlo™ Configurator has a built-in feature that will allow you to create a Nitrogen equivalent table that you can then use to test the overall device accuracy.

Creating a Nitrogen (N2) Equivalent Flow Table:

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