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New white paper: Advancing mass flow technology with multi-range and multi-gas programmability

In the past decade, the availability of mass flow controllers that incorporate multi-range and multi-gas programmability has redefined the flow control industry. This new white paper discusses the impact this new technology has had on how MFCs are engineered into different systems, and the way plants have modified their operations to take full advantage of multi-range and multi-gas programmability. The white paper also provides useful and informative details on Brooks’ MultiFlo™ technology in thermal mass flow controllers: how MultiFlo™ provides superior process gas accuracy with the help of data generated by over thousands of different data points over the course of 10 years. The result: a single MultiFlo™-capable MFC to replace many different MFCs no matter what gas or range is required, thus reducing inventory of replacement MFCs. Download White Paper: Multi-range and multi-gas programmability

About The Author

Christine Batycki
Global Marketing Communications

Christine manages global marketing communications at Brooks Instrument.

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